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Vintage baseball attire, a man Stands at bat ready to strike.

This Website is dedicated to everything Victoria Baseball club, from the history of baseball in Canada to new advancements in sports sciences.  Baseball has changed the way we interact with the world in a competitive way, it fosters both national pride and international comradery  among countries that would otherwise have little reason to work together. Baseball has quickly taken the world stage by storm as one of the top most ways for friendly competition around the world.


History and Significance

Baseball has a long and rich history in north America, because of this long history their have been many iterations of baseball clubs in Canada.  Baseball was first introduced to Canada shortly after the gold rush of 1849, brought up from gold miner in San Francisco after a winning three Cricket ‘matches’ but loosing to the Americans at Baseball, the sport quickly took hold of the populations attention. In 1863 the first ever game of baseball ever held in Canada was played. Despite the demand it took several years for the game to really take off in the great north and truly get us on the map .As a result, there are many resources available to make your club stronger and your players more robust in their talents. From training methods to equipment, these decisions can make or break your club.


Training and equipment

Baseball, Teamwork
Baseball team huddled together.

Training and equipment makes or breaks a solid team,  if an example is needed look at what happened to Alex Rodriquez when he joined the Seattle Mariners. This blog is not just dedicated the antiquated history of baseball, it is also dedicated to looking ahead to the new practices of the sport; after all what is the point of not getting better?. From portable pitching mounds to pop fly training it is important to know what each player needs to work on and how to work on it. A team is only as strong as it’s weakest player, as such we will discuss ways to push your players and teammates to their limits to grow them as strong independent players in their own right.


Contribute and Contact

We are always looking for new talent to contribute to our website, If you feel like you have an article, piece, or even a link worth sharing we would be glad to hear from you. Apply through our Contribute Page and we will review your piece and might even post it! If you have any questions, concerns, or comments you can contact us here.