Mastering the Pitching Mound: Tips & Techniques to Improve Your Game

In the game called life, we constantly seek to improve ourselves: this holds true for interpersonal relationships, love, work, etc. To prepare ourselves for jobs in the corporate world, for example, we pursue relevant education and training. The same thing applies to the game of baseball. If you’re a committed baseball player, determined to be the best than you can be, you dig deep to find ideas about how to improve your game. To help you become a better pitcher, we’ve gathered tips and ideas to help you achieve your goals.

Proper Warm-up and Practice

One of the most often overlooked aspects in any sport is the warmup. A proper warmup is critical to the success of any athlete, and if you want to become a better pitcher, you cannot afford to skip this step. Warmups do not have to be difficult. With nothing more than your body weight, a little ingenuity and an exercise band, you can easily create a complete pitching warmup routine.

After warmup, you can get right into your practice drills. You should be throwing a baseball at every opportunity you can get. Grab a baseball, rally a buddy and throw that ball. Practice, as they say, makes perfect. Two great examples of practice drills are the bullseye drill and kneeling partner pitches.

Proper Posture and Technique

Regardless of how often you practice your pitching or how solid your warmup routine is, proper posture and technique are critical to your success as a pitcher. There are five phases to pitching, and each provides a brand new opportunity to injure yourself if you neglect your pitching mechanics.  Good pitchers must pay attention to their wind-up, their stride, their acceleration and deceleration, and finally, their follow-through. Each phase has a specific technique that should be practiced and followed. You should regularly practice your throwing motions, positioning your feet, how you hold your shoulders at each phase, and so on. The more you practice and the better you accept correction, the stronger of a pitcher you’ll become.

Proper Equipment and Gear

Professional pitchers will all tell you that proper pitching equipment and gear must not be overlooked. Portable pitching mounds are an absolute necessity for dedicated pitchers to drill and train up to better mechanics and skills. In order to improve your pitching skills, you need to practice in an environment as close to natural pitching conditions as possible.

In addition to portable pitching mounds, pitchers benefit from pitching aids such as strike strings, pitchers’ pockets and pitching target screens. Of course, you certainly can’t forget your pitching glove!

Tips from Pros

Before and after you hit the pitching mound, it’s always a good idea to seek out tips from the pros. Baseball is a time-honored tradition, and many have gone before us. Let’s learn from each other’s mistakes and successes, so that we can all grow stronger together.