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Rob Franklin began his baseball career at age seven. He knew the first time his cleat touched the dirt of the pitching mound that his life would never be the same. High school, college, and seven years on a minor league team left Franklin with a career path that led to his current position as a minor league coach. Franklin’s life is baseball, and he wants to share it with his readers.

The history of baseball intrigues Franklin, and he is well versed in specific accounts of baseball greats like Babe Ruth. He also has amazing contacts with baseball greats like Barry Bonds. There is not one aspect of baseball that Franklin misses when it comes to baseball.

Sumas, Washington is located near Victoria, and Franklin often visits Canada as an excuse to see the Victoria Harborcats, a team of which he is a huge fan. Basically, Franklin lives and breaths baseball, and this blog is an attempt to share his knowledge and experience to his readers.

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